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The JL journey began back in 2011 when a group of friends had a vision to add style to one of life's everyday essentials.  Growing up, our fathers taught us the value of quality and to appreciate the craftsmanship of an American made product.  The socks that lasted over time were dull and boring and the few audacious choices available sacrifice quality as a cheap thrill.  We couldn’t find what we wanted, so we decided to do it ourselves.

We studied the detailed process of manufacturing hosiery, surrounded ourselves with the most knowledgable people in the industry and searched the world for the finest materials – hell, we even went to Peru.  We developed a product that is committed to the finest quality in fashion with an added touch of ego.  Today we are proud to have morphed our original idea into JL The Brand, a luxurious collection of American-made socks that will keep your feet looking and feeling as sharp as you.


At JL the Brand we are proud to design, knit and produce all of our socks in the USA using the finest American Pima Cotton.  Often referred to as the "cashmere of cotton" - Pima is used to spin finer count yarns, which can be knitted or woven into softer, finer and more luxurious fabrics.  Pima is also 45% stronger than regular cotton which makes our socks last without sacrificing comfort.  


 JL The Brand is a lifestyle, a personality, an ego.

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